code of practice

  1. To respect confidential information concerning the client’s business and not to disclose or permit the disclosure of, or use to our advantage, any such information without the client’s prior permission.
  2. To undertake assignments and work diligently, impartially and honestly and to ensure a highly professional standard of work at all times.
  3. To accept only that work for which we are competent and are able to complete.
  4. To ensure that any associates, consultants or sub-contractors engaged to assist with an assignment subscribe to and operate to this Code of Practice.
  5. To disclose to the client any commercial or financial interest, or other significant circumstances which might influence the assignment in any way, in particular:
    • Any directorship or controlling interest in any organisation in competition with the client.
    • Any financial interests in services recommended or supplied to the client.
    • Any personal relationship with any individual in the client organisation.
  6. To provide the client with a clear written description of services and fees for any proposed work to be undertaken.
  7. To maintain effective communications with the client and to supply appropriate written reports and documentation as required on a timely basis.
  8. To refrain from inviting any employee of a client to consider alternative employment without the client’s prior permission.